Organization Membership (SPAS)


Organization Membership (SPAS)

All active licensed or certified spa therapists at a spa location* with an organisation that have been trained with ISFOE approved training providers. Minimum of 5 staff that are certified..


Business will be listed on ISFOE directory

Certificate of Membership and official affiliation status with ISFOE

Use of ISFOE brand in your marketing collateral

Access to ISFOE: forms and other resources; marketing materials; e-newsletter; sponsored education; conference; forum where you can react to content, share challenges, teach each other, learn by stating and understanding, clarify assumptions, experiment, own new skills and ideas.

Job placements

Credibility/recognition for education and standards for cancer care and safety. Opportunity for your business to become accredited by accrediting board.

Supporting a ‘doing good’ cause/community service – training can be offered at your spa location. Spa Director/manage event with local cancer communities (hands on).

*Any trained/certified spa therapists leaving this organisation will no longer qualify under organisational membership and will have to then apply for regular membership.

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Spas with all their staff trained in Oncology Esthetics qualify for this membership fee. A minimum of 5 staff members need to be trained to qualify.


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