Corneotherapy in Barrier Treatment during Oncology Treatment


Join Kathryn Mazierski for an overview of the emerging science of corneotherapy and how this approach can support skin conditions common to oncology patients. Oncology drugs and treatments interfere with the functionality of the skin barrier system. Learn what you can do as an esthetician to manage and support the vital skin barrier defensive system throughout oncology treatment.

A key feature of the epidermis is to establish a dynamic defensive system, which protects the human body from internal and external assaults, including water loss. The stratum corneum is located at the very outer layers of the epidermis, and it is in this layer that the skin’s protective function known as the barrier system resides. ALL aspects of the skin barrier defensive system must function TOGETHER to protect the skin. When the formation of the barrier system is impaired by oncology drugs and treatments, the delicate structure of the stratum corneum is compromised and the defensive functions across the entire barrier system become impaired. This leaves an oncology patient vulnerable to uncontrolled water loss, faulty desquamation, radiation exposure, microbial assault, inflammation, and infection.

By understanding the impact oncology drugs and treatments have on the delicate structure and function of the stratum corneum, applied corneotherapy provides a targeted approach to improving and supporting overall barrier function during oncological treatment.

The practice of corneotherapy significantly aides in managing skin barrier dysfunction caused by oncology drugs and treatments.

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