Approved Training Providers

Christine Clinton Cancer Care™

Christine Clinton brings a unique warmth and positive energy to her clients. Her extensive knowledge and experience coupled with her compassionate listening and natural teaching abilities, enables her to create customized treatments for private clients, student training and speaking engagements for spa industry professionals.

Touch Therapy for Cancer Clients, a Christine Clinton Cancer Care™ education program, teaches trained therapists how to bring safe, effective spa treatments for cancer clients to spas and schools worldwide.

Divine Indulgence Aesthetic Institute (DIAI)

Divine Indulgence Aesthetics Institute prepares enrolled students to pass their state board exams, but to also make them career ready for the people they will serve in their communities. DIAI also offers advanced education which includes Oncology Aesthetics. This training includes health challenges for ethnic skins which elevates this training to a higher level. Graduates from this training will be more sought after to serve those with cancer, along with those that have other health challenges. DIAI endeavors to be true to the vision of the International Society for Oncology Esthetics and will adhere to standards which are a recognizable asset to our profession.

Greet The Day (GTD)

Greet The Day programs are offered at twelve cancer treatment centers and since 2003 have provided thousands of hours of integrative care programs for people affected by cancer. Integrative care combines conventional and complementary therapies into a course of care that speaks to the whole person; mind, body and spirit. The Institute of Integrative Oncology is Greet The Day’s education division, and provides oncology specific foundation, professional development, and special interest classes for estheticians, massage therapists, nail technicians, and nurses.

Oncology Training International (OTI)

The leading pioneer in Oncology Esthetics, OTI has been educating skin/spa therapists to work with those living with cancer since 2008. OTI’s guidelines are being used with Salute allo Specchio, a clinical study underway at San Raffaele Hospital, via Vita Segrate. All OE curriculum standards are set forth by ISFOE. Trainings are currently available in 10 countries and in 4 languages. Our mission is to make a positive difference to those living with cancer; to gain understanding and respect from healthcare professionals as part of the circle of care, and essentially to help improve a person’s quality of life during and following treatment for this disease.

Spa For Cancer (SFC)

Spa For Cancer is dedicated to helping women and men look and feel their best while undergoing treatment for cancer. Founder Wendei Smith has been certified in Oncology Esthetics since 2009 and works with patients at the Disney Family Cancer Center’s Integrative Medicine Department in Burbank, California. SFC offers a three day live Oncology Esthetics Certification Class so that other skin care practitioners can safely treat people living with cancer. The SFC website is also a wonderful resource filled with skin care tips while going through various treatments as well as a source for skin care products that can be safely used on skins with health challenges.


Esthetician EDU

This is all good news for anybody thinking about becoming an esthetician. Between 2012 and 2022, the number of skincare specialists licensed in the United States is expected to grow by 40 percent to meet the growing demand for specialized skincare services. This is significantly higher than other professions within the salon and spa industry, such as manicurists and pedicurists (16 percent projected job growth) and hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists (11 percent projected job growth).

Although esthetician licensing requirements and processes vary somewhat from one state to the next, all states that issue licenses to skincare specialists require candidates to qualify through formal training and the successful completion of both a practical and written exam.

Dr. Vodder School

The Dr. Vodder School International is the training program to take if you are looking for the source of the original Dr. Vodder Method of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD®) and Combined Decongestive Therapy.


Founder and CEO Marnie Rustemeyer conceived, designed and created the Billow pillow following her diagnosis of the BRCA mutation gene, a mastectomy and subsequent reconstructive surgeries.

Oncology massage is important to provide stress relief, pain management and a sense of wellness and relaxation in cancer patients.

The Billow pillow embraces post-surgery patients with soft, yet supportive comfort while getting a massage. The Billow is designed specifically to provide relief to the lower back, under arms, breasts and neck thereby making patients more comfortable and relaxed, increasing their overall experience.