Pioneer legacies to follow: Compassion, Work, Optimism

“The best way we can honor the pioneers, the best way for us to repay our debt of gratitude to them, is by incorporating into our own lives … the compassion for our fellowmen, the industry and optimism … the pioneers demonstrated so well.”

We can gain much from the hard-won lessons that the pioneers in our industry have learned through tribulation and trial. They all set out on a difficult journey knowing that they or someone they loved may not finish their lives due to cancer, and we are richer because of it. Here are but a few of the attributes that can inspire us as we contemplate their sacrifice and commitment:

Compassion. The pioneers actually care about each other irrespective of their social, economic, or political background. Even if this slowed their progress, and may even have caused inconvenience, they have helped each other.

In today’s society, reaching certain goals can appear to be a measure of our worth. Examples of self-interest and self-indulgence are so abundant and it is very easy to slip into that mindset. When success in reaching goals comes at the expense of others, the cost of that success may be too precious.

The pioneers serve as a good reminder of why we must break away from isolating ourselves and, instead, reach out to help each other. We must have compassion and love for one another.

Work. The pioneers had to participate in, gather any clinical studies, recommendations from medical professionals, plus experience to create their materials.  They also had to ensure they protect themselves from liability, emotional stress and from people taking their materials and concepts and passing them off as their own.

These pioneers wake up each day with clearly defined goals that not everyone understands. In spite of good reasons to become discouraged, they have never given up. No matter how much they wanted to do something else, they have still kept focused on this mission. They have also learned that hardships can strengthen body, mind, and spirit.

Optimism. The wonders of prosperity and technology can shower us with security, entertainment, instant gratification, and convenience. And yet all around us we see so much unhappiness. These pioneers find happiness in every circumstance and in every trial — even in those trials that reached down and troubled the deep waters of their very beings.

These pioneers are not supermen and superwomen. They are just like you and I. How often did they wonder if they could go on? They must have asked themselves over and again, “Can I do what I have been asked to do?”  But they have pressed on. One step at a time, they have pressed on and they left a legacy that should inspire and strengthen generations to come.

ISFOE approved training providers have PIONEERED the concept of Oncology Spa Care as a whole, and these pioneers have CREATED specialised training contents.  This model of collaboration with industry experts produces a model of success and sustainability.


‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much’,


Eleanor Oyston (Oncology Massage); Gayle MacDonald (Oncology Massage); Harry Wood (Oncology Cosmetology); Johnnette du Rand (Oncology Massage and Skin care); Morag Currin (Oncology Esthetics® and Oncology Hairdressing); Rita Molinaro (Areola Tattooing); Sheila Fredriksen (Oncology Manicuring®); Tracy Walton, (Oncology Massage); Trish Green (Aromatherapy for Use in the Oncology Setting)