ISFOE Mission

The mission and purpose of the International Society For Oncology Esthetics (ISFOE) are as follows:

  • To promote and encourage the professional practice of Oncology Esthetics with the goal of improving the physical and mental health of immune-compromised individuals
  • To raise awareness within the esthetics industry of the benefits of oncology esthetics training
  • To share credible and critical knowledge and information among oncology trained estheticians, medical care professionals and the general public with the goal of improving both the profession and all client outcomes
  • To establish standards and collaboration by which various oncology curriculums and services are taught and experienced by licensed professionals and clients

ISFOE Overview

We can gain much from the hard-won lessons that the pioneers in our industry have learned through tribulation and trial. They all set out on a difficult journey knowing that they or someone they loved may not finish their lives due to cancer, and we are richer because of it…

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Meet the ISFOE leadership team. We are excited to have such a dedicated and diverse group of professionals at the helm.

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