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The International Society for Oncology Esthetics (ISFOE) Onlus was established as a non-profit society under the Society Act of British Columbia, Canada in 2012. However, after three years of international growth, the ISFOE relocated to Europe in 2015 to foster the following:

  • Global Standards: Standards and practices continue to be one of the key issues within the spa and wellness industries. This is particularly the case for new modalities where quality models are just beginning to emerge. The ISFOE recognized this, and its international presence now allows for global input to professional standards.
  • Charitable Status: Attaining charitable status now allows the ISFOE to participate in fund raising (all ONLUS entities can benefit from an almost total tax exemption in relation to direct taxation (including the income tax and the other most relevant taxes). As such it is customary to incorporate new fundraising entities in compliance with the requirements necessary to qualify it as an ONLUS).  This provides further incentives to our members.
  • Endorsements: Medical professional endorsements including: affirmation, approval, seals of approval, and sanctioning.
  • Patient Care: Champions of safe patient care through a collaborative team-based approach and trusted industry curriculums and training.


We can gain much from the hard-won lessons that the pioneers in our industry have learned through tribulation and trial. They all set out on a difficult journey knowing that they or someone they loved may not finish their lives due to cancer, and we are richer because of it…

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Meet the ISFOE leadership team.  We are excited to have such a dedicated and diverse group of professionals at the helm.

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