Derma-Aesthetics, the Australian host for the Dermaviduals Symposium held in January 2018 in Sydney, Australia was a huge success.  Amongst the list of great presenters, the one that caught my attention the most was John Appleton, a researcher and consultant from Auckland, NZ.  His topic titled “Your Health – Why DNA is not your destiny” was thought-provoking.  He talked about breast cancer (BRCA 1 & 2) prevention which includes supplements of selenium and Vitamin D.

He also talked about the importance of mitochondria in the cell and how they are affected.  Scientists now know that within a single cell, there can be thousands of mitochondria, and each mitochondrion contains from two to ten copies of mtDNA.  Mutations in mitochondria can have very serious effects, and they are even the basis for several diseases. Mitochondria’s crucial role as the main producer of ATP within cells means that malfunctions in these organelles are truly bad news.

It was mentioned that there is also a compelling historical account of how cancer has been misunderstood as a genetic disease when, in fact, it is a type of metabolic disease.  Unlike normal cells, which obtain their energy from respiration, cancer cells have damaged respiration and obtain much of their energy from the primitive process of fermentation.

Metabolic therapies* will be more effective and less toxic than the current gene- or immune-based therapies and have the potential to significantly improve quality of life and long-term survival for millions of cancer patients worldwide.*

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