ISFOE is delighted to launch our first Cancer Aware: Skin Care Guide. The purpose of this guide is to list good quality, clean formulary and safe products for use on the skin pre, during and post cancer treatment. These organisations that are included in this guide are leaders in the world of skin care and without their support this guide would not be possible.

The ISFOE Board would like to thank the following contributors:

Crescina – Hair Follicular Islands
This unique hypoallergenic cosmetic product that has no contraindications and can be used even in the most delicate and difficult cases such as hair restoration after chemotherapy. It directly affects the hair follicles that are partially atrophied by chemotherapy, triggering physiological hair growth by activating the stem cells of the hair follicles.

Environ – A, C & E Body Oil
This amazing body oil is scientifically formulated with a combination of vitamins, antioxidants and moisturizers that work together to enhance skin’s overall appearance. Skin that is affected by cancer treatment can benefit from this light, finely textured multi-functional oil is rich in vitamins and antioxidants to help nourish and relieve the appearance of dry and sun-damaged skin, giving it a soft velvety look and feel.

Hale & Hush – Oncology Starter Kit
This Oncology Approved Starter Kit contains products that are fragrance-free, sulfate-free, paraben- free, gluten- free and dermatologist tested. With a focus on ultra-sensitive to periodically sensitive skins, this collection includes Quiet Wash, Soothe Essence Serum, Hush Hydrate Mask, Broad Spectrum SPF 30, Eye Mousse, Relief Bio-Powder, Vital Lipid Lotion and Saffron Meristem Cream.

Osmosis – Oncology Friendly™ Cosmetics
This stunning collection of Osmosis Oncology Friendly™ cosmetics will ensure you can be confident in knowing that you are using the best products for sensitive and compromised skin. Osmosis uses a multi-tiered approach with the skin to remodel and heal without causing inflammation. Osmosis products help to heal and to protect overall immune systems while enhancing beauty.

OmVeda – Ayurvedic Tradition
This line of products contains pure, biodynamic, organic and indigenous ingredients combined with ancient ayurvedic tradition. OmVeda understands that cancer clients and those in remission require treatments to boost the skin’s strength and vigour and also help build healthy tissues. Our formulations include Rasayanas which are rejuvenating herbs and minerals that help to build healthy tissues.

Oncology Training International (OTI)
Oncology Training International empowers wellness and esthetics practitioners to positively impact the lives of cancer patients with compassion and healing. Oncology Training International has pioneered training programs to complement traditional skincare, spa, and wellness therapies, and is now the world leader in its field with an international reputation for innovation and revolutionary instruction methods.

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