By Morag Currin – Oncology Training International (OTI)

It has been noted over the past few years that estheticians that have attended either an Oncology Esthetics or Skin Care training will post up on Social Media platforms that they have not been able to use their knowledge for a number of reasons. They cannot connect and find cancer survivors; they cannot connect with healthcare professionals who will collaborate and/or refer to them. While I speak on behalf of OTI’s OE training in which we DO COVER many avenues of reaching out and connecting, I find it perplexing to say the least. And I often wonder how estheticians actually work at gaining ‘regular’ clients – period? As a result of this, we have created a program which is in place with some graduates with regards to planning and goal setting. This will determine how much effort is being put into getting themselves out there, how they may be doing it; plus it will show us how the healthcare market is open or not open to engaging with us. Ultimately the end goal of all spa and healthcare professionals should be for the benefit of the person diagnosed with cancer.

The outcomes for this program will be published when completed which is anticipated by mid year.

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